Wednesday, March 4, 2009

+ a therapeutic post +

today i am beyond scattered, and don't have time to sit down and piece together a nice little package of a blog post. this will probably be edited a dozen times today as i attempt to pin my fleeting thoughts down to something faux-concrete.

- - -

i finally found honey cafe's website. hooray.

this was my favorite little restaraunt in glen ellyn - a northwest suburb of chicago near wheaton.

their cupcakes were adorable.

the flowers on the tables were beautiful.

- - -

today will be good because:

- god said something bizarre last night, & i will be figuring out all today what it means.
- i get off work at 4.30pm
- i am shipping a couple paintings i sold today
- i get to babysit a handful of little kidlets for joshua + natalie's marriage group tonight.
- the high today is 42 degrees yaay
- im wearing one of my favorite shirts. it has little giraffes all over it.
- im halfway thru the week
- i actually remembered to eat breakfast this morning, which makes for an all around better day
- deuteronomy is still pretty darn sweet, as i was reminded over my egg & pepperjack cheese sandwich + oj this morning.

- - -

note: all photos are best viewed full-size. this can be accomplished by merely clicking the photo. :]

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