Sunday, March 29, 2009

+ balance problems+

- - -

balance problems. my new favorite.

your branches are growing strong, absorbing the praise from above

but the roots that hold your weight are slowly breaking up

now you dont mind the heat, or lack of rain in the clouds

but soon enough youll dry up and return to the ground

the desert wind has betrayed you; it seems youre all alone

the nights are cold and now you wish that you had known

the cactus life is tough; but not so much when friends pull through

so next time dont forget them and they wont forget about you

respect fades, the heat creates some distance between us

shelter greed with spines; we see your true self underneath

i can see the wall of rain

across the open desert plain

and you wont fight unless you know you can win

dig yourself into the ground

and search for drops; the rushing sound

of air above declares the changing of winds

- cactus life, balance problems.

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