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What I Wish I'd Known Before Watching Porn - My story.

I Was A Prostitute - The Truth About Sex.

I Don't Have To Be A Slut To Be Sexually Confident

Sex, Faith & Men. - What I Never Knew About Dating

Good Woman's Guide To The 21st Century - My post on

Your Jokes Suck: Why I Won't Date You - Thoughts on negative sarcasm & the truth behind jokes.

The Heart Leads & The Mind Protects: The Men To Leave & The Men To Love

The Gender Role Fight: Where Are You Looking For Truth? - Feminism, relationships, & glass ceilings.

A How-To Guide For Dating - And I Met My Man On Twitter.

Gifts, Intimacy & Crazy Love - Why I have trouble accepting gifts & what God says about it through a relationship with a man.

The Most Important Thing - Written in the middle of a breakdown.

Joy - How perception determines everything, & how we 'fix our eyes.'

Nature Heals - What we feel vs what we know.

Hearts That Bleed, & Blind Faith: Today I Drowned In Love - Love, brokenness, blindness, & truth.

Direction, Expectation & Vision - Getting past some mistakes your parents made.

Rest - Learning how to rest, and the cost of not doing so.

Car Accidents & Playing It Safe - Witnessing a pileup, what I did about it, & what it taught me.

Redefining Trust: Who Has Your Heart? - From someone who trusts everyone but no one.

How Do You Fall In Love With Jesus? - And how we messed up the "where your treasure is..." verse.

Thoughts on Love - Panic attacks, daddy issues, and real love.

Pain - What I've learned through grief, depression & brokenness.

Brokenness - Understanding it & giving it validated weight.

A Letter To The Girl Without A Father

Grief, Lightning Storms, & A Broken Spirit - Your breaking point & learning to fear nothing.

Imperfect Parenting: You Hurt Me. - What sarcasm does to a child's spirit.

Losing Everything - What I lost, and learning to let go.

Hearts That Bleed, & Blind Faith: Today I Drowned In Love - Love, brokenness, blindness, & truth.

Art, Relationships, & The Lie That Keeps You From Having Them Both

Injecting Purpose Into Your Life Before It's Too Late - It's not what you're doing, it's how.

Q & A With Lauren: How Do You Get Motivated?

Creating A Life That Allows For The Daily Good - The Way Christians Should Live But Don't

Life Lessons - What I've learned in 22 years.

Thoughts on slowing down - Experience first, then document.

Sabbatical - What I learned from a 3 day break from all tech & thoughts on social media

Rest - Learning how to rest, and the cost of not doing so.
How To Be A Millionaire By 25: Love Is The New Currency.

Mastering Life In 2011: The New, Sexy 1950's Culture - Why putting other's first is the best business move.

Budgeting, organization & charity tips. 

Life Lessons - things to remember daily.

Branding Your Life: Welcome To The Internet! - A little guide to branding your life, seeing yourself as a small business, and where to start online.

For my brother - Remembering to say what needs to be said.

Ice: A Short Story - revelations on grace

Photographer - Lona - an interview

MAC "Fix" - a review

BadGal vs MAC mascara - a review

Beauty Secrets - Inside My Bathroom

A Progression
I Have Won
This Is What He's For
Thoughts on Love
A Study on Brokenness
Ice: A Short Story
Depression: A Stream of Consciousness. A Fight.
Graceless Children
Words, Words, Words.

Who Are You And What Are You Doing? - For

A Letter To The Girl Without A Father - For

The Most Important Thing - For

When Christianity Says You Aren't Enough - For

Love Was The Plan - For

I Was A Prositute - For People Of The Second Chance (

The Friends With Benefits Epidemic - For Relevant Magazine

A Good Woman's Guide To The 21st Century - For


Ren said...

I only found your blog about ten minutes ago, but I just finished reading Tuesday's post about dating, and I'm definitely following you now.
Thank you for being so candid, for speaking the truth in love that isn't syrupy. It's always encouraging (and, I hope, inspiring) to read a Christian and a lady who is ALSO a good writer.
Peace and love,

Elizabeth Bramon said...

I'm a friend of l.e.yar's, who posted above. Thanks to laurennicole for being bold in reminding us of hope and community; thanks to l.e.yar for paying it forward. Best wishes!

Linda Wagner - Nutrition to Invigorate Mind, Body, and Spirit said...

All I can say is WOW, you're awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you're doing/saying/sharing. Stand in your power girl! Simply awesome.

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