Monday, June 7, 2010

+ see. +

i am too transient.
transparent. translucent. adaptable. influenced.
i am what i see.
i follow my eyes. they change everything. everything changes me.
i can promise nothing;
water promises nothing.
what could i promise?
what could i swear to be? what could i guarantee? what could i fill?
i am what i see;
i could never give you my eyes.
glass, cities, oceans, distance, galaxies, shadows, coffee, wires, that one time, vacant, skies, constraint, freedom, barefoot, yesterday, tomorrow, one day, never, forsythia, dreams, smokey, clean.
all these things i become;
all these things making me slip, slip, slip.
it should have been
part, whole; whole forever.
instead i am
whole, part; part forever.
it isn’t that you want to keep me as i am;
it is that i am what i see.


Matthew Carpenter said...

I liked this, especially "i could never give you my eyes.".....good consistent theme here, you should post your poetry more often.

Nate St. Pierre said...

You can do stuff like this. I cannot.

Although the word "forsythia" seemed a bit out of place to me. It's probably my uncultured eyes.


Paige Baker said...

This is so perfect. I don't know if it reads this way to you but I feel like it's kind of anxious. Makes me jumpy because I feel like in reading I become in your place. I really like this. You are so talented.

Lauren said...


Lauren Nicole said...

this is amazing l. really, very beautiful and moving. please post your poetry more often.
- L

Lauren Nicole said...

<3 <3
- L

Chantelle said...

Why are you so amazing!? I wish I could have coffee with you one day, just to hear you speak. I'm one of those girls that loves to listen to other's stories, thoughts, and dreams. Keep the great work coming lauren <3 said...

@matt thank you.

@nate you are correct, heh. :)

@paige @lauren @lauren nicole thank you darlings.

@chanelle we should make coffee happen. it probably wouldn't be too difficult, and it would be so wonderful.

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