Tuesday, June 22, 2010

+ simple update +

i've been gaining clarity lately.

i've felt like i'm running my life through a sieve. it's a good thing.

the blogging has been suffering; my hands have been redirected to what i can feel and touch.

what i've been doing:

+ wearing significantly more white
+ loving american apparel's new nail polish
+ buying more michael kors wedges
+ having a passionate love affair with tumblr
+ working on lovebomb; excited for it's release
+ prepping for a photo exhibit
+ listening to the postal service
+ working on giving the 10% found between 90 and 100
+ reading a book that has revolutionized my life
+ wading through rivers and creeks
+ getting excited for daytona beach, and chicago.
+ getting my heart centered
+ wishing that madewell was in columbus
+ remembering who i am


Paige Baker said...

You always encourage me. Honestly. I can be having the most horrible day and then you post some ridiculously encouraging thing and I just feel a little bit of goodness. Thank you.

Emily Jane said...

I was so excited to get the Love Bomb update this morning in my inbox, and so excited to meet you - looking forward to reading your blog!

Karencilla said...

Hi there! i just found you because of your Love Bomb update, you have a nice blog, i loved it and started following it, also at tumblr! =)

stacy mayer said...

Lauren, dear, we are kindred spirits (and both from Ohio! :) ). I am overwhelmed by your spirit, your words and inner beauty. I too am on a "Love Revolution" movement, as Joyce Meyer would say. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to borrow some of your thoughts, as they're so close to mine, for my own blog and twitter. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration. I joined Love Bomb! Blessed day, friend. Stacy

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