Wednesday, March 11, 2009

+ bloody as hell +

- - -

"if you sat alone in a room for the rest of your life, just to talk to me, that would be Enough." - god.

- - -

this is a confession of my consuming desire to Do and Be more.

when jesus said, "it is finished," he meant it.

this is out of my hands, forever.

- - -


- - -

if i make it to heaven
i may be as bloody as hell.
would you still take me?
i'm afraid that you might say,
"depart from me, i never knew you."

i'm in the wrong body.
i'm in the wrong body.
i'm in the wrong body.
i must have stumbled in.

all the love i want to give,
gets caught between every rib.
what does that make me?
i have good intentions,
but no exit for them to come out right through.

when i make it
to heaven
i will be as bloody as hell

- - -

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Anonymous said...

Your poetry is dangerous to read at work ;)

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