Wednesday, March 18, 2009

+ it's wednesday +

today will be good because:

[] i'm wearing heels. i rarely wear heels to work.
[] it's so beautiful outside!
[] i'm getting less sick? haha.
[] i bought bananas last night; i love them.
[] i'm having a fruit smoothie for lunch, already decided.
[] i'm going to finish up editing a shoot, in bed.
[] i finally get the actual title to my new car. goodness.
[] i'm going to finish the book that lindsay loaned me.
[] i may attempt to go for a run, for the first time in years. something tells me i just might be able to do it.

music i'm listening to this week:

[] as cities burn
[] attack attack
[] rilo kiley
[] that's really all, surprisingly.

- - -

sick update - today is good because i don't feel like i may die shortly, but i'm in this horrible cycle of sneezing -> need to blow my nose, blowing nose -> sneezing, sneezing -> need to blow my nose, and so on. it's terrible, and probably really irritating my co-workers.

- - -

"and jesus took the children in his arms, put his hands on them, and blessed them."

this is the verse immediately following the disciples attempt to stop the children from coming to jesus, and him being indignant. [princeton defines indignant as "being angered by something unjust or wrong."] on top of not realizing that jesus was angered, (not just bothered or disappointed, mind you, angered) i have never thought about that second part. i cannot fathom jesus taking me in his arms, setting me in his lap, resting his hands on my shoulders, and blessing me.

blessing is a word entirely overlooked in this short verse. i am so guilty of translating it as merely "something in the good category," something nice, something "not bad." a few of my close friends know that i have a ridiculous "percentage system" when it comes to the strength of words. (nice is a 10% word - entirely useless, don't ever use it.) i have made the tragic mistake of marking "blessing" as a 20% or 30% word, when truly it's probably up in the high 90's.

definitions of blessing: [] the formal act of approving [] something highly favored and fortunate [] a special favor or mercy [] the invoking of favor from the God of the universe [] highest praise [] to protect and guard from harm [] to endow, as with talent and worth []

not a 20% word.

a blessing is the exact opposite of a curse. when jesus blesses, it's not "i love you, i hope you have a good day today!" jesus puts his hands on his children, and blesses them.

i believe blessing is the purest form of imparting love and encompassing approval. it expects nothing in return, it is not a mutual exchange, and it is not something tainted with obligation or expectation. blessing says, "i wouldn't change a single thing about you. i strongly desire the best of the best for you, and i give you all hope."

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