Tuesday, March 10, 2009

+ remember we used to speak? +

i am always behind. more accurately, i always feel behind. i'm 21 and trying to beat a clock that doesn't exist. if i could live life with no measure of time, i believe this would be true freedom.

- - -

approximately two million people attended obama's inauguration. i have been fighting to see reality clearly recently, and this is reality:

remember we used to speak?
now i'm starting to think,
your voice was really my own,
bouncing off the ceiling back to me.

come down, heaven.
won't you come down?
won't you cut through the clouds?
won't you come down?

oh, my heaven, why do you have doors to close?
do you have clouds to stop his voice on the way down?

god, this can't be.
god, this can't be,
god, could it be that all we see is it?
is this it?

god, does grace reach to this side of madness?
'cause I know this can't be, the great peace we all seek.

did your clouds stop his voice? [contact/ascitiesburn]

- - -

ps. more of what god sees.

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