Friday, March 27, 2009

+ breanna and fingerpainting+

walked down to nicholas's last night after getting off work to play with some lighting...his friend breanna is in town from washington so i got to shoot her for quite some time. here are two:

choice #2 :]


[ click on images to see full size on black. ]
- - -

i haven't had three minutes to myself this entire week, and for the first time in awhile it's actually not stressing me out that bad. i am still eternally grateful that today is friday, though, and that in six hours i will be headed straight home to probably lock myself in for 24 hours. tomorrow i am shooting the son of dust and even though they're massive amounts of fun to hang out with, i'm sort of dreading adding to my 1000+ photos that currently need to be edited.

i also have a stack of 6+ books that dear friends have given to me to read and i think i'm only halfway through 2 of them.

- - -

shannon and i are going to have fingerpainting nights starting immediately - i have way too much color that needs to just GET OUT and i am such a perfectionist that i over-think everything i paint and it takes much too long or never gets done. i cannot wait to paint and just love it, with the full knowledge that at the end of the night my creation will go straight to the trashcan.

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