Thursday, March 26, 2009

+ new toys +

a little trip to midwest photo exchange to purchase myself (finally) a hotshoe adapter for my new lightstand/speedlite.

i also got a silver umbrella and poverty wizards.

- - -

i've been struggling with the placement of a possible tattoo, and think i'm falling in love with where she has hers....thoughts?

- - -

i want to know what these men do with their money.

- - -

photo from brightlights shoot:


[i really really need to create a watermark. item #234890234 on list to do. ]

- - -

interesting fact. yes, america, this is fact not opinion. i know that as a general public we do not believe in facts anymore and that "everything is opinion," but here we go. this is a fact. they do exist whether or not you believe in them. deal with it.

In May of last year [2008], the Gallup polling organization asked 1,200 American adults about their giving patterns. People who called themselves 'conservative' or 'very conservative' made up 42% of the population surveyed, but gave 56% of the total charitable donations. In contrast, 'liberal' or 'very liberal' respondents were 29% of those polled but gave just 7% of donations. These disparities were not due to differences in income. People who said they were 'very conservative' gave 4.5% of their income to charity, on average; 'conservatives' gave 3.6%; 'moderates' gave 3%; 'liberals' gave 1.5%; and 'very liberal' folks gave 1.2%."

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kelly said...

i like where her tattoo is (i'm only biased because that's the general area of mine, as well). the real question, though, is what are you going to get??

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