Sunday, May 10, 2009

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excerpt from Love Courtship, and Marriage, or How to win a Lover.
122 Railway Terrace
published 1880

Let no one however dear to you, have right to violate the true instincts of your heart, or put a constraint on your love. Only be careful; do not imagine that you are in love before you have tried all the tests which may convince you that you really are. You may be only too reliable to mistake a caprice, a fancy, or a romantic day-dream for true love.

A whole series of light fancies which have been mistaken for love, have often been followed by the earnest passion of a life. The credulity of a woman on the subject of being loved is very great. They often mistake a little admiration for a particular regard, and on this foundation, build up a castle in the air, and fill it with all the treasures of their brightest hopes.

It is safer to be skeptical on the subject of being loved, but if you do make the mistake, take all the blame to yourself, and save your dignity by secrecy, if you cannot keep your heart from loving.

There are men and often the best, too, who are shy and need encouragement, inas much as it should be remembered that the men who declare their love in most beautiful language are those who love least truly.

The real lover is a stammerer. If a woman who he loves should return his affection, she should give him all the precious encouragement she can.

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