Sunday, May 31, 2009

+ therapy post. +

this is my 62nd post on this blog.

my medication gives me the most bizarre headaches, and sometimes makes me socially irritable.

i don't know if socially irritable is a recognized phrase or side effect, but that's what i am.

my phone just died and i couldn't care less.

i haven't had a frappucino from starbucks in over a year, and i just gave it another shot, and i'm ready to take another 12 month sabbatical.

today, i want to be in love, and i'm not. at all.

it's beautiful outside, but for the first time in my life, the idea of being in the sun is mentally stressing me out.

i am excruciatingly bored with the normal recreational activities and enjoyable ways of passing time.

i wouldn't mind being a bird today.

i'm sick of feeling half-guilty for something i cannot control in the least.

i released yesterday.

my bedroom is a disaster, and it fits me.


Lauren S. said...

no, i change my mind.

this, this blog is my favorite of yours. not sure why, but i really like it. even though you'd semi-sad in it, lol.

<3 <3
- L

Lauren S. said...


- L

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