Sunday, March 15, 2009

+ is this not love +

on the drive back from cincinnati, i finally found a few of the words to silence a battle that had been making way too much noise in my head for a long time...

- - -

my love is a crown of roses
so many thorns plunging deep into my head
it will be the death of me
and just maybe the life of you

is this not love
is this not love

i refuse to find logic here
to succumb to preservation
and to making sense
i believe in a new insanity
losing and then losing again

is this not love
is this not love

you are hollow, hollow
and it breaks me, rips me in two
so my compassion threatens 'take of me, take of me'
lest my master birth numbness from safety
'steal from me, steal from me'
lest my master never know the cost
of what she also has received

is this not love
is this not love

we shall return to dust
who are we
who are we
you shall return to dust
who are you
who am i
we shall return to dust

take what you will
take what you want
take what you say you need
take it quickly
take it daily

as he gave so freely so i shall freely give
take of me
you cannot make me empty

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Anonymous said...

Teary eyed as I read this: Is. This. Not. Love.

Punch to gut, and I'm gasping for air as come to the realise the depth of what I've just read.

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