Thursday, March 5, 2009

+ first day of spring +

not really, we actually have fifteen more days until the official FDOS, but today is the first day it feels like it.

today, it will be 58 degrees.

i googled this, and interestingly enough, there is a wine bar & bistro in sacramento called 58° & holding. apparently they also rent out private, secured lockers to store your wine at 58°.

- - -

i babysat seven little kids/toddlers last night and it was probably the most relaxing thing i've done in months. i colored, i was darth vader & catwoman in one, threw a ridiculous dance party, and i read curious george + clifford books to my heart's content. i fixed hairbows and taught boys that it's not cool to chuck hot wheels at infants' heads from the top bunk. i was also asked, "are you a kid?" "are you a giant then?" and "why aren't you a mommy if you aren't a kid?" where do they come up with this stuff?

- - -

last night i made bbq chicken + steamed broccoli for dinner and it was probably one of the better meals i've had thus far in 2009.

- - -

today will be fabulous because...

+ 58 degree high, obviously.
+ i woke up at 6:30am and for some reason i love waking up early.
+ i am shooting kevin + dillon for a new brightlights set today, in the ghetto.
+ the shoot will be sweet.
+ kevin and dillon will be sweet.
+ orange juice and grapes for breakfast.
+ left over bbq chicken and broccoli for lunch!
+ im wearing yellow moccasins. (i've noticed my clothing directly affects my mood.)
+ i get paid mad bucks at midnight.

- - -

last night, brownberry bread was on sale. this makes me extremely happy. i rarely buy it, as its usually $4 a loaf, but it was buy one get one free! if you haven't tried it, try it. experiment with a french toast recipe, and you will never go back. i'm not talking the wimp version of brownberry, by the way. i'm talking the traditional, old-style, legitimate, straight up wheat bread:

- - -

bizarre new fact: reynolds & saran wrap have a lock function. say what?!

all you have to do is push in that little part right there ^. don't laugh if you knew this. oh how i wish i'd known this years ago; i could have escaped countless embarrassing moments as my foil or saran wrap rolled away from me at an ungodly speed.

- - -

coming soon...

+ pictures of my (new!!) car (sorry it's taken so long, everyone)
+ today's shoot
+ my thoughts on anthropologie's "birthday book"

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Lauren S. said...

1.) darth vader + catwoman = awesomeness.

2.) i laughed so hard at those comments that the kids made. it is true that kids say the darnest things. :]

3.) the shoot sounds great. is 'brightlights' the name of kevin's band?

4.) those yellow moccasins sound fantastic. <3

5.) mad bucks are always a good thing. gotta love paydays. :D

6.) i had no idea about the reynolds wrap lock either. neat-o!

7.) what's anthropologie's 'birthday book'?!! i'm exited.

love that you're blogging again, you're brilliant at it. :D

- L

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