Tuesday, October 20, 2009

+ it's fall +

thanks to feeling sick and just generally down yesterday morning, i left work early and decided to just 'have a good day.' instead of working on my to-do list, i just did my best to enjoy the incredible weather. amazingly enough, i found a beautiful antique desk for my room on my walk through the short north (item on my to-do list), finished my homework (another item) at an amazing new little coffee shop i found (travonna) and listened to my friend joey & some other boys play some acoustic sets while i worked! i also took some photos just for fun (third item on that list) on that walk that i took. i'm starting to get along with columbus. i've resolved to take half days off at least once a week for the rest of the year. or, indefinitely. i feel like a new person, and like my life is back.

here are some of the pretty things i saw yesterday, including a picture of yours truly. :)


Mrs. Cullen said...

love love love the photography!

Lauren S. said...

one of your bestest posts yet ma' dear. <3 :]
- L

uncafediarte said...

The photos are very interesting.
The clouds are amazing!

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