Wednesday, October 7, 2009

+ sneak peek: new jewelry line +

so, i'm making jewelry/pretty things again. i'm a lot more excited for this than normal, which means i'll probably be slacking on 90% of the rest of my life. but, that's okay. i apologize for the horrible photos - i'm excited to take some with natural light within the next couple days (it's been challenging as i leave before the sun comes up and come home after the sun goes down). anyhow, the line will be listed on etsy for purchase within the month.

nothing was ever beautiful for you.


Lauren S. said...

lovelovelove these. they're SO pretty! and not really what i was expecting in a good way, haha. <3
- L

B said...

That necklace... *sigh* I love it.

Christina said...

Can't wait for more of these lovely accesories!! ;)

B said...

I thought I had commented before about using your photo for my header... I guess I meant to :)

thanks for visiting!

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