Tuesday, October 13, 2009

+ question: why are we an aesthetic people? +

bloggers: i'm sure you've stumbled on someone's blog and left it before reading anything because the design instantly discredited anything they had to say.

web designers: i'm sure you've gotten so fed up with horrendous fonts and layouts that you decided it wasn't worth even digging around a site to find what you want.

bookworms: i'm sure you've passed up hundreds of books because the cover art looked like it was designed in paint.

musicians: i'm sure you've clicked off a myspace page before you got 10 seconds into their default song because their layout screamed either buttrock or isuckattheinternet.

and everyone: i'm sure you've never spoken to someone or not considered a friendship because they just didn't look how you want your friends to look.

if i'm being painfully honest, i am guilty of all these things. but for some reason, only the last causes a consciencious twinge in the core of your heart. and it should. or should it?

isn't this all the same? isn't this simply judging the value of content by the quality of the visual?

why is it justified in every single area, with the exception of people?

this is something that is clearly built into us, and i'm sorry, but it is not a symptom of our culture. yes, society places too high of value on the surface, but that is only pushing a few steps further what already is by nature. so,

why are we such an aesthetic people?

if beauty is found only in the eye of the beholder, and if you should never judge a book by its cover, and if looks and brains rarely come in the same package, why do we always choose the aesthetically pleasing over the not?

- - -

look in these eyes
we know each other like our own skin and bones
we know the scars,
how they got where they are,
in places no one else knows.

I'll watch you falling from me
when you hit the ground maybe you'll see
the only way to fall is down
and I'll be up in the stars
but I'll be anywhere you are
just say you need me and I'll come down

- - -

today's playlist [perfect fall music]:
swimming with dolphins, lily allen, lydia, the maine, myriad, sleeping at last, copeland, as cities burn, edison glass, i can make a mess like nobody's business, death cab for cutie, brightlights, carolina liar


Practically Thinking said...

I'm sure some of it is genetic, and some of it is our idea of what "looks good". Regardless, it's about options. Why would we settle for a book, a website, or a design, that looks like garbage when there are thousands that do not. Maybe we shouldn't judge things so much on appearance, but I believe it's human nature. We like things that are pleasing to the eye. Also, it just seems unprofessional.

I'll give you another adage to use: "You only get one chance to make a first impression."

missy. said...

i love carolina liar. what an amazing post. i totally agree with you. i try my hardest to not be like that but i am human and it happens.

Nomad said...

i like the poem. and i like the music list. huge success.

Maria Confer said...

Excellent post!! I am guilty of all of the above, but I usually try to ignore how people look, even if it's hard.


lady lee said...

I think it is more a question of "how do you present yourself?"...you know? I am guilty of all of those things as well. But as far as people go, no matter what the physical looks of a person are, if they seem to care about their appearance (even if it isn't my style) I am more at ease with them. I think it is because it shows that they just care in general to me. That they take responsibility for their self in way. Anyway, great thoughts and great post. :)

Kenna Christensen said...

you are incredible. absolutely incredible.

Anonymous said...

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