Wednesday, June 17, 2009

+ knots. +

i want to be just like him when i grow up.

- - -

also, i'm pretty sure i will marry the next boy that brings me polaroid film, anything to do with antique gold insects, takes me to an old hidden bookstore for the day to read out loud with me, or to an aquarium to sit and talk to the fishies.

- - -

i want to see you drunk,
just so i'll finally know what you really think of me.


jesse kennedy said...

i gave you my poloroid camera! marry me!

lauren nicole said...

yes you did...and i still haven't taken a single photo because i haven't bought film :( if you were in ohio we could go shopping for some tonight. but, you aren't.

jesse kennedy said...

well, it's too bad. you could wait until you come visit, and we could take a bunch of them together!

Abby said...

Don't know about the polaroid film, antique gold insects (what are those, darling?), or the aquarium, but my boy has definitely taken me into an old bookstore and read aloud to me.

You will find someone up to your caliber; I know you will. Just don't sell yourself short. Love to you!

lauren nicole said...

aw abby love, i miss you. and i'm so jealous of you and your boy, you already know this; he is perfect. does he have a brother?

lovelove xoxo

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