Friday, June 26, 2009

+ inside of my brain today. +

work. friendships. fashion. dresses. iced caramel macchiato. age of enlightenment. episcopalians. church history. anglican churches. two dimensional beings vs one dimensional beings. purpose of man. core attributes of god. inherancy of meaning to physical creation. deism. founding fathers. the evolution of the judeo-christian's religion and how to determine the true center. method of choosing belief systems within christianity and the method's validity. book of genesis. definition of art. cs lewis. spiritual vs physical. how real is reality. influence of language on the development on a human's mind. til we have faces. erich fromm. socialism. purpose of education. biased motives for education. the concept of balance. raw science vs meaning+science. the basis of reason and what is it derived from. the weight of denominations and church movements and how we determine their weight. how inherant is the drive to create in man and why. family. going back to school. calling mom to apologize. the art of loving. is spiritual is to physical as thought is to action? or is physical action a metaphor for spiritual action and art the physical metaphor for spiritual thought? influence of knowledge on love and of love on knowledge. available time. prioritizing. goals. list of books to read. art show tonight. direction of my art. roommates and where to live this fall. music. comfest. weekend plans. scheduling senior photo shoots. theft claim. my relationship with god. all focuses every year for all years or one focus every year indefinitely. love. my motive for love. the extent of pursuing love; how much weight does it and should it truly have. writing. re-writing lost books? photography style. my brother. how to begin to attempt to organize my life. purchasing a massive bulletin board; where to find it. polaroid film. man's tendency to elevate one concept above another; our nature to rank and determine value. good vs great and my awareness of both and tendency to settle. the color white. the unnoticed fluidity and frequency of the process of intangible to physical.

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lydiakind said...

my brain is in love with your brain.

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