Friday, June 12, 2009

+ "whoa, these are different for you." +

we try to live forgiven
but they won't let us forget.

What is life?
That we think we choose what is ours?
We believe things should go our way.
We are so selfish.
I am so selfish, and yet
I do not know what it is I want.
Where is my love?
Is it lost in the ocean?
Is it alive in a foreign country?
Does a young child,
Cold and bleeding,
Carry what my heart desires?
Am I meant to save the world?
Am I meant to change?
Where is my meaning?
I am the creator,
I have lost my creation.
I will be a valiant knight,
One that will not settle for less.
I wish to fight
Whether I fight for peace,
Or for war.
Where is my army?
Where are my men?
Where is my lady?
What do I love?
Please tell me.
I have no way if I have no love.
I have only shame.
I want more.

- my brother.

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