Tuesday, June 30, 2009

+ july planning. +

a partial list...


+ high fidelity. nick hornby.
+ a year of mornings; 3191 miles apart. maria vettese.
+ the art of loving. erich fromm.
+ the sane society. erich fromm.
+ escape from freedom. eric fromm.
+ communist manifesto. marx.
+ about a boy. nick hornby.
+ crazy love. francis chan.
+ the memory keepers daughter. kim edwards.
+ a beautiful mess. rick mckinley.
+ the glass castle. jeanette walls.
+ love letters of great men. compilation.


+ coraline.
+ nightmare before christmas.
+ stainboy.
+ moongirl.
+ bridge to terabithia.
+ corpse bride.


+ sleeping.
+ spending time alone more often than not.
+ waking up at 6.30am.
+ differentiating between real & imagined social obligations.
+ calling myself out on imaginary restraints.
+ writing regularly, without a purpose.
+ giving of myself rather than my resources.
+ reading daily.
+ remembering that god > love.
+ not boring myself, except when absolutely necessary.
+ listening to music that i love & not just what i like.


Mallory said...

i love nick hornby's books.

lauren nicole said...

yes, i read high fidelity and absolutely loved it...now i want to read all the rest :)

Kate said...

did you read the memory keepers daughter? was it good? :) i saw it at barnes and noble and it looked good :)

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