Wednesday, April 29, 2009

+ you are loved day+

so, i'm a huge fan of loving people. but, i want to remove myself from the picture, and be able to give love, without it coming from "lauren nicole."

so, you are loved days have been born.

follow on twitter to keep track of events, ideas, and who all is participating. and to participate. :]

events: will be held both regularly and at random.
bring: at least 25 little scraps of paper with "you are loved" scrawled on them.
we will: be handing out and hiding these little slips of paper!
expect: to experience the high that comes with loving and needing no return.
you are free: to be creative, or to be simple. or both.

> > if you don't live in columbus, i encourage you to start one in your own city, and do this with us!

> > we will frequently meet for half an hour beforehand to write our little notes together, meet one another, and have a good time. date, time and location will be announced on twitter!

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