Monday, April 13, 2009

+ pick it and stick with it +

i wish i was given a designated color palette for life. or at least one palette per year. i get excited, over-zealous, and distracted and switch mental palettes too fast; nothing ends up matching. i need to pick one palette for 2009, and master it.

- - -

things i love today.

cosas minimas. by blanca gomez.

julia kuo.
from julia: "When I was young, I was so addicted to drawing that my brother would exploit me by selling me copy paper for 3 dollars a sheet. Now he is an economist and I am a starving artist. I also wonder how I had the money to buy such expensive drawing paper."

samantha hahn.

sofia arnold &

yoko furusho.


Jessica said...

wow you picked some amazing people.. great post!

julia said...

what a beautiful blog - thank you for including me!

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