Wednesday, April 8, 2009

+ for the other lauren nicole +

i'm not going to give a background story...just trust me that i owe lauren nicole scott a list of the current contents in my bag, haha. enjoy!

lumocolor pens
cell phone
three sets of keys
power adapter for my macbook
daily planner
juxtapox april 2009 magazine
several flyers for random shows
three double a batteries
about eighteen thousand receipts and deposit slips
polkadot stationery
campus/gateway coupons
a letter that hasn’t made it to the mailbox
unknown number of pens and writing utensils
movie ticket stubs
loganpalooza showcase ticket stub
tea bags (hah cool…)
a pissed-off letter i wrote to god
voided check
lavender oil
purple sharpie
CF card
cell phone charger

yeah...i should work on that...

- - -

this week's portraits.

bailey a. harmon

clay howard

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