Tuesday, April 7, 2009

+ let me out +

- - -

i've been sitting here for an hour and a half trying to determine what is so horribly wrong with me.

i found the word: stifled.

secondary words: colorless. bland. expected. stationary. mechanistic.

- - -

so cute i can't handle it.

- - -

if i fill my head with beautiful things, maybe they'll come back out of my fingertips.

- - -

i decided i needed a present, and bought myself new staedtler lumocolor pens. i'm not terribly sure i love them yet. the ink is heavy. but, i know i do not dislike them; i cannot dislike anything that produces color. :]

i'm feeling the need for a sabbatical again...can someone take me back to the west coast to people-watch for a few days? i won't make a sound. i'll just sit on the curb with my tea and sketchbook. i am starving for people that make me stare at them. again, will you please make me stare at you? i'm begging. [ run in the front like you said - i'm sad i'll miss it send it back in photographs - and i could use a vacation myself - my eyes are bored -DEARANDTHEHEADLIGHTS ]

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