Thursday, July 30, 2009

+ love and monsters. +

oh. my. goodness.

i am now in love with jason edward davis.

hmm...i will be in portland in a few weeks; he'd better watch out...

this boy is headed back to school and clearing out his studio. how he is letting these adorable postcards and paintings go for so little, i do not know! please go browse his shop, spent $5 or $10 (or more) to get some adorable things, and follow him on twitter.


Lauren S. said...

um, yeah. how on earth do you find out about these AMAZING people, places, artists and things? geez louise lady.

haha this guy's art..sooooo cute. thank you for posting miss L. <3 thanks X a million.
- L

Taren said...

ooh, love these. truly.

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