Wednesday, July 29, 2009

+ update on my life. +

1. i'm attempting to be vegan again until the end of august. so far, i feel twenty times better, although im getting tired of these four foods already.

still, i'm excited. half due to the fact that i will feel better, and half because i am looking forward to learning some new dishes. unfortunately, sugar is primarily out of the question, as well as things heavy in carbs (pastas, breads) which always makes things much more challenging. :] suggestions welcome!

2. i'm struggling to keep my absurd range of interests in check. august will be my month to sort through and organize my photography, art, home decor, clothing, and writing - and to get it all dumped out of my brain into something tangible. much more to be said on that, but at a later time.

3. this is big for me. i flickr'd it, and here it is:

Growing up as a kid, it was a common joke in our family to call me out for being "in La La Land." It hurt a lot, most of the time, and has been something I've held on to for years.

Today, i'm letting it go.

The truth is, more often than not I DO live in my own little world, and over the last few weeks I have realized this is a blessing, not the curse that I was ashamed of. "La La Land" is the source of most of my creativity, my worthwhile thoughts, everything I write, and quite honestly it is the heart of me. It is the part of me that stubbornly insists on loving and living like a child. I love it, my God loves it, and the few that truly know me well love it. So, here's to being honest, and to living in our own little, better worlds.

- - -

one more thing. you should read this article by jennifer lubell, "death to chivalry, hello to hostility." i am reminded to wait for Better.

Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry. Gloria Steinem


wash me away. said...

hey props for going vegan! i'm planning to try that myself once i head off to college :]
and i had to comment on this because i have to tell you that this picture is beyond BELIEF incredible. i love it.

chantelle said...

Your blog is so refreshing. And you write very well, it's no wonder you're so appears that you want to be a novelist? That's the feel I'm getting after this first post. I'll be scanning through a few more pages to see some of your photography. Keep up the interesting work. I'm looking forward to reading this article.

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