Monday, July 20, 2009

+ i am a lady. write me a love letter. +

"You are well! You think of me! You will always love me. I believe you: now I am happy. I live again. How impatiently I waited for your letter! I am sure my hands trembled when opening it. My countenance changed; my voice altered. I was just at that moment about to send you a letter expressing my great uneasiness. While you are amusing yourself, you forget how much my heart suffers...

Adieu, my dearest love. My affection for you is ardent and sincere. I would love you even more than I do, if I knew how."

- written to Sophie Volland, Au Grandval, Oct 20, 1759 by Denis Diderot

- - -

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oh, hello friend. said...

love the print.
love your blog.


Andrew said...

"I would love you even more than I do, if I knew how." - it makes me sad that people don't say things like this anymore. not because they don't know how, but because people in this world don't seem to have the capacity for that much sincerity and vulnerability.

Lee Beth said...

This is so beautiful and beautiful photo.

Lee Beth said...
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Anonymous said...

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