Monday, April 19, 2010

+ seattle. +

this week so far:

- signed up for couch surfing
- decided to move to seattle
- realized that american's can't merge
- had a brain mri
- learned that i really enjoy ultrasounds
- also learned that doctors are useless
- realized i treat god like a boss and not a friend
- fallen in love with sunlight, again
- established a love/hate relationship with chanel
- started looking for jobs in seattle (do you live there?)
- sworn my undying love to goodwill
- hated my brain for persistently overthinking


Lauren Nicole said...

oh my goodness, where are you going couch surfing?! i remember seeing that on a travel show once, along with 'zorbing', so awesome.

yay for seattle! :]

what's up with all the doctors and hospital visits lady? really, a two+ hour phone call is needed. <3 <3

doctors are useless. bleh. so are dentists. :p

sunlight = love. i need to email you this photostream i found with some gorgeous mason jar photos using tons of light. you. will. die.

what kind of job do you want..? i'll help look. (phone call, you + me, seriously.)

love these little posts, lovelove. :D and love you.

- L

Anonymous said...

what made you decide to move to seattle of all places? there is no sun!

and i agree, doctors are useless at times.

Megan @ Lovely Happenings said...

Seattle! How exciting. I once was there but now in Portland. Love the Pacific Northwest.

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