Saturday, April 10, 2010

+ movement. girl: sold. +

spindly legs
just like the spokes
so much up
so much down

freckles, spindles
long and lean
so much clean
so much clean

just like that
no just like this
so much blue
always, always blue

eight miles
two thousand and eight miles
two thousand and five, miles
so much coming
so much going

spindles sold
spindly sold
not enough girl
too much, girl

girl: sold.


frankenstein said...

this is lovely. so beautiful. and i love the photos. xoxo

P Han said...

I agree with frankenstein. These words ARE lovely! And the photos remind me of the album cover of one of my all-time favorite album, "the Impossible world!" Maybe great minds do think alike after all?

Bird Removal Scranton said...

Great read, thank you.

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