Wednesday, April 21, 2010

+ the postal service. +

I have been developing a renewed love for the postal service. First, because Recycled Air by The Postal Service has been one of my favorite songs for six years now - I even put it on Tumblr so you can listen to it here. Secondly, my darling friend Lauren sends me the most incredible letters and packages. They are all amazingly unique, and you can check out her blog, Letters, She Wrote. Today, I came home to find this little adorable thing waiting for me, with a little canvas bag inside of it:

This new love for the postal service has also resulted in my Free Prints Wednesday project. I've only shouted about it on twitter and my tumblr so far, but will probably stick a little note in here on Wednesdays from now on. So yes, be warned. If you want a free print mailed to you, pay attention to me on Wednesdays! The first 5 people to email their snail mail address to me, after my ready-set-go, get the print. :)


Lauren Nicole said...

no one deserves little packages and lovelies more than you. i'm beyond happy to send them to you. you're so amazing and more people should be as hard-working, loving, caring and brilliant as you. i just want you to know that.

being featured on your blog means a lot to me and i love the photos you took of the little package, lovelovelove.

love, - L

chauss said...

thanks for stopping by my blog.
come visit anytime.
xo chauss

chauss said...
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