Friday, July 9, 2010

+ an artist going blind, and a challenge. +

Yesterday we dropped a Love Bomb on Laura. She is an art journalism student and an oil painter, and she is slowly going blind. I am still choked up about this. Maybe it's that she's dealing with my greatest fear, maybe that she's an art student like me, maybe it's simply that she's an absolutely gorgeous young woman losing her ability to see beautiful things. Maybe I'm still stumbling over her gracious humility in having to take the bus, and shower with her eyes closed.

Regardless, reading Laura's blog yesterday reminded me how temporary this world is, and called me out on the unworthy weight I give to what I see.

Laura, this is a thank you for being faithful. You get it. You understand the world, your Maker, your purpose. It takes most of us a lifetime to come to this place, and I would argue that you see things more clearly than we do.

- - -

To the rest of you, the world needs you. I have a challenge. Who are you leading? Who is behind you? Who has acted out this week because you challenged them? There are hundreds of thousands more people like Laura that are in desperate need of encouragement and the strength of a community behind them.

Can you say you're doing your part?

Today, I ask you to find a project to expand. Be responsible for growing an established movement. Love Bomb is one of these movements, and there are others. Operation Beautiful is one that we will be partnering with for next week's Love Bomb Mission. There are plenty.

If you want to help grow Love Bomb, comment or shoot me an email ( There are easy, easy ways to go one step further and drastically expand the reach of our Love Bombs within minutes. I am more than happy to give you the suggestions and tools.

Please, don't be passive. When something tugs at your heartstrings, re-blog it. Re-tweet it. Share the fan page on Facebook with your friends. Forward an email. Tell someone. 2010 has made it easy for you.

I love you all - thank you again, Love Bomb team, for all that you've done.


Nate St. Pierre said...

And thank you, my dear, for everything you've done for the project. It wouldn't be the same without you.

Laura Lawson said...

I say that we lovebomb YOU! ;)

I had never heard of this ministry before, but after yesterday I would love to get involved with you guys. And Lauren, I'll be frank, you're awesome. Let's be friends. ;)

Just a FEW thoughts out of many on yesterday: I had a truly difficult night last night, mostly due to family stuff (my parents do not understand how to be supportive... long story) and an especially emotionally trying day dealing with eye stuff. Those come up infrequently now, but yesterday happened to be such a day. I was shocked, and then incredibly loved and touched, reading all the comments... many of which brought tears to my eyes and certainly reminded me of the goals that our Creator has set forth in my life. It could not have been done on a more perfect day. He obviously knows what He's doing.

Thank you so much for using your gifts to bless people in extraordinary ways. I will be reaping the blessings of this lovebomb for a long, long time to come.


Chelsea said...

I blogged about the lovebomb project here:

I think it's amazing, and if you need help, feel free to send me an email or contact me through my blog!


frankenstein said...

dear lauren you challenge me often, and im so grateful for you. miss you loads.

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