Wednesday, July 21, 2010

+ influence. +

who : : is : : under : : your : : influence

- - -

think about it. and tell me.


Chase said...

mm, great question, and definitely worth meditating on.

Definitely my family, as I'm the oldest of four.
My friends & church community, in many ways, are under my influence.

In some ways, even obscurities such as my "twitter followers" are under my influence in some ways.

I think that I've been ruminating on that thought for the last couple months, and for that reason, I took a break from blogging and tweeting. Blogger-puberty, maybe, but I noticed my voice changing. And knowing that I do indeed have influence over a number of groups, I want to be sure I'm using that influence with purpose in mind.

It's a weird season to be in. Thanks for making me process through it a touch more :)

And PS, I love the impact you make with your influence. From LoveBomb down to your tweets about verses and words of encouragement and such. Thank you for using your influence intentionally :)


Sabriel said...

my husband.

I am a volcano. I am a willow easily swayed by the breeze. I am angry. I am bitter. I am happy. I am in ecstasy. I want more, more, more!!! And through it all, he follows. Through it all his shoulders are wet with my tears. He rejoices when I rejoice and I force him to comfort me when sad.

And honestly, I feel terrible about it. He is a strong, good person who loves me with a love I can never begin to explain.

I want to be more steady. I want MY shoulder to be wet with HIS tears. at least sometimes.

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