Sunday, September 27, 2009

+ tour of my bedroom +

somewhere between working and school i am attempting to decorate the new place. i thought i would post progress of my bedroom to make you all happy. :) not much, but i'll do more after i get some other things out of the way (breakfast).

[ painting more frames ]

[ getting things hung up, slowly ]

[ rain out my window ]

[ notes i leave for myself ]


caramelsweetie said...

where did you move to?

frankenstein said...

i cant wait to come visit you!

frankenstein said...

( i LOVE it)

Lauren S. said...


if you ever make a print of the painting above your bed i will find some way to purchase the first joke. <3
- L

PS: you're brilliant, you do know that right?

kelly said...

it makes me really happy to remember that we have the same painting in our rooms (thanks for that again), and to realize that we have unknowingly hung them in the exact same places on the wall above the bed.
i miss you.

jokemijn said...

I like the question you ask yourself on that note.

iart said...

Those are gorgeous frames! I have been looking for small intricate ones for a while now! They look great!

Dallas Shaw said...

love this post


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