Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Don't you love when you go on vacation, but your life just keeps going without you, so you just come back two weeks behind? Mmmhmm.

I moved into a new home the night before I left for Seattle (and by moved I mean packed up my house in a day and threw all the boxes into the new house), so upon getting home last night I upgraded from living out of a suitcase to living out of a basement full of boxes.

So thank you, blogspot, for being my catch-up-on-life to-do list, even though I should probably be using listography for this.

things to do before i even bother unpacking:

+ ship all etsy orders
+ clean bedroom
+ hang curtains
+ pay electric, gas, water, cable, internet and car payment
+ pay tuition for osu
+ re-schedule classes
+ buy new bedding (YAY)
+ paint dresser and desk
+ properly store all artwork
+ change of address
+ check mail at old residence
+ clean coat rack

things to do before the end of the weekend

+ print new 'i am lady' prints
+ list new art on etsy
+ design for plushpalate
+ paint all black frames white
+ buy bed frame
+ grocery shop
+ ship macbook
+ ship ipod
+ confirm all september photoshoots

- - -

UPDATE: uh. it's now all on listography. see it here.


Lauren S. said...

THANK YOU. for introducing me to listography.
- L

chantelle said...

I love looking at people's lists! Now you've introduced me to something new... this listography business sounds quite fun. :)

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