Wednesday, September 16, 2009

+ things i would do if i had time. +

- read antler mag.
- renew my subscriptions to juxtapoz, id, and hi fructose.
- update listography more.
- have 50+ listings on etsy of my watercolors.
- learn how to screenprint.
- have my walls painted by now.
- get a sewing machine.
- hang my curtains.
- participate in female photographers of etsy.
- be working on my collab's that have all been tabled.
- buy an iphone.
- get my nails done.
- get a facial.
- change my hair.
- do fun things like make treasuries.
- go to the park and cloudwatch.
- buy a desk.
- hide in barnes & noble for a few days.
- cook. a lot.
- go hunting on etsy for bedding.
- make the jewelry line that is in my head.
- find a way to keep track of all my favorite photos/artists.
- go sit in a field.
- get some prints made for my house.
- find cheap polaroid film.
- be a flickr/blog/twitter whore & actually have friends on them.
- stalk everything on decor8.
- go to estate auctions.
- work out.
- make all my promised drawings for @lukesbeard

- - -

i really like this.

thank you, motionslow.


Lauren S. said...

you're aliiiiive.


sorry you're SOL on time. if there's any research or etc i can do for ya, give me a jingle. <3
- L

the southern hostess said...

You've given things to add to my list now. Great blog!

chantelle said...

come on lauren! you can TOTALLY do all those things!
I believe in you. It's not impossible.
My best friend and worst enemy is time management. But when he's good, he's reallll good.

hang in there bud! <3

caramelsweetie said...

well if it means anything...i want to be more like you. more free spirited, more creative, more everything.

loves ya!

controlled chaos said...

go sit in a field.
I agree.

Anonymous said...

And it is effective?

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