Tuesday, February 8, 2011

+ west. a bigger god. +



sometimes i wonder if the sky determines how i view god. out west, i am in love with a bigger god. in the midwest, i fight to see him through the clouds, and am constantly limited in what i believe of love.

to me, this is reason enough to move.

to be in love again, with a bigger god.

ps. ten points to anyone who can guess which photo(s) is/are of me.


Little Tree Vintage said...

love these photos, absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Stunning beautiful work! I simply adore this and the thoughts about God and Love that you've just inspired me to ponder. Been looking for inspiration and you've just provided. Thank you!

Jamie said...

My guess..all but that black and white one and the last one?

Beautiful post! :)

Paige Baker said...

Please come back. I swear, God is big here. So is my love for you.

Anonymous said...

I have the one with the girl in the cardigan, arms outstretched, looking over the valley, on my huge collage on my wall. So if that's you, that's super crazy.

I'm saying brown tank top, street/clouds, and girl in the sports bra/jeans.

HanPlans said...

God never stopped being big - I found out on Wednesday that if the Milky Way was the size of North America - then the earth would be a quarter! How crazy is that! And yet God flung all those stars and planets out there and he didn't stop there he made you and me which are like specks of dust on that quarter again how crazy is that lol.

Anonymous said...

this is random. i found you on 20sb and don't have time to really read all of your entries, but i was getting ready to add you to my google reader and i realized that one of those pictures is actually of ME!! from a few years ago when my gps got my lost, i had no cell reception and the check engine light had just come on. i took a moment to admire God's creation and reminded myself that he is in control. i made it out just fine :)

that is so random and i am really REALLY excited to follow your blog now that you used one of my pictures. how did you find all of these?? so cool.

made my day. thanks.

Rachel Renée said...

And I suppose the last photo is ohio haha ;) I realized the same thing when I first went out to Colorado... that his creation is a much grander work of art than I ever thought, life is more of an epic adventure, and we have a much more important role than ever I knew. Ohio will always feel like home, but often feels very gray and two dimensional in comparison. (p.s. Psalm 97 goes along with this)

From Suns To Moons said...

These photographs are ethereally beautiful.

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