Thursday, September 2, 2010

+ mis·cel·la·ny /ˈmisəˌlānē/ +

1. I loved this post about the world being God's art gallery with free admission. I will be visiting it frequently this weekend.

2. I have an eye doctor appointment today at 1:45pm and am terrified of eye drops, so. Not looking forward to that too much.

3. We are dropping a Love Bomb on the entire Chicago Fire Department! Go do it!

4. Yesterday, I got a package full of presents from Jamie. I got a sweet note, an adorable pin cushion & pin cushion ring, a notepad, and a vintage pack of needles (two, actually). I adore little presents - they mean the world to me and keep me going. Jamie, you're amazing and I love you!

5. I have a new set of photos up from the skatepark in Ashville, Ohio. I've gone the last 2 weeks to hang out with everyone and pray with them, and I absolutely loved snapping some photos of the kids that showed up.

6. I keep forgetting I have a shop. I should add more photos/drawings/paintings and take it more seriously.

7. I wish I was more faithful with art journaling, like Michelle, and these two moleskine tumblrs.


Jamie said...

I'm so glad that the little package brightened your day! That makes my heart happy.
Love the button duo pics in your shop! You definitely need to add more goodies!!!! Love the lovebomb today. Going to post it now!
Hope your eye appt goes ok. I had one on Tuesday and was dilated for a long time. Made for an interesting afternoon. But I did get to order new glasses and can't wait for my purple specs to arrive! Here's to a grand day! May it be full of beautiful things for you today! You're pretty amazing yourself and love you back! (Thanks for the shoutout. I hope it's ok that I post a couple pics of the pincushion on my blog today. Some friends were wanting to see it.) xo

HanPlans said...

GO for it! I love Art Journals - I'm taking part in a swap on Swap-Bot at the moment that is a Song Lyric Journal so each page is a song lyric and then designed and made to look pretty - There are some pictures on my flickr I think said...

@jamie - oh not at all! i plan on blogging more photos when i have a bit of time at home to shoot :) thank you again for everything. <3

@han - i can't find your flickr!!

Cal said...

yay for moleskine tumblrs! that skate park shoot looks pretty awesome! are these your photos? if so, you are a GREAT photographer! anywho...time to drop me some love. =)

Paige Baker said...

I just loved every link.
Good luck with the eyes--keep posted in some form.
looove. said...

L-l-love these links! :)

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