Wednesday, September 1, 2010

+ growing up, shedding skin. +

I'm shedding some skin.

Through an intricate and elaborate merging of personality, childhood, life circumstance, and necessity, I have slowly become a woman of Everything.

Like anything else, this possesses some weighty pros and cons.

This past week I have come to three difficult realizations of Self:

.+. I am an ADD perfectionist

.+. I am a highly introspective extrovert

.+. I am a dreamer with a heavy dose of Fear [ realistic idealist? ]

All three of these have set me up to succeed, and succeed well, while also to fail, and fail hard.

And I haven't even mentioned that I seem to be equally left and right brained. Which complicates all decision making, and how exactly this skin-shedding will go about.

So, this weekend appropriately being Labor Day weekend, I am taking a mini-life vacation.

Saturday, Sunday & Monday: No phone, no computer, no work.

I have made it a point to have no expectations, eliminate the desire to accomplish anything, and plan nothing - save an 80 minute massage therapy appointment on Saturday morning - oh hallelujah.

If you are someone that usually contacts me personally, I will check my phone once a day for emergencies, as well as my email. If you don't have *urgent* or *emergency* or something similar in the subject/intro, it won't be read until Tuesday morning.

I. Am. Excited.

That being said, I am open to suggestions for beautiful places in Ohio to go see, great relaxation advice, and gifts. Haha! Leave them in my comments, or email me before Saturday: laurennicolelove[at]

But seriously, for you crazy girls that send amazing letters and postcards like it's your job: If you'd like to send me one for this weekend, that'd be sweet. [ I realize this looks like a ridiculous request to those of you who don't partake in this creative penpal movement, but really, we love it. ] If I get one from you this weekend, I will mail you a letter back - because I will have TIME! You can email me for my snail mail address if you don't already have it.

Love you all.

P.S. Ohmygosh. Can I have all of it?
P.P.S. Adorable September calendar for your desktop from Oh, Hello Friend.
P.P.P.S. Great truth from this man.
P.P.P.P.S. I want this jacket.


Paige Baker said...

You're right--it did make me happy. I hope this helps you in one of those insane ways that you don't ever fully understand. I'll be praying for you throughout the weekend. Self and God time is so important and I'm super thrilled you're taking some.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. said...

@paige - thank you so much. you're so right, and thank you for the encouragement and reminder. i love you. <3

Paige Baker said...

I would love to just hug you so tight your bones break. And tell you in person how pretty you are and what a good job you're doing with life.

“You were a million years of work,”
Said God and His angels, with needle and thread.
They kissed your head and said,
“You’re a good kid and you make us proud.
So just give your best and the rest will come,
And we’ll see you soon.”

Mary Nevin said...

what a beautiful idea!! i do think we're able to find a whole new level of peace when you're still. gorgeous photos as well. i just adore your blog!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the comment! I actually read your post while I was in the middle of writing mine (i get easily distracted and save and go back more times than I should be allowed) and it just reassured me all the more.
You have a package already on its way to you so hopefully it will arrive soon!
Thanks for being such an encouragement and inspiration to us by sharing. Cheers to just "being"!

Teach.Workout.Love said...

hope u enjoy ur mini life vacation!.. love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

When I lived Ohio and wanted to get away I went to Wildcat Hollow. It's a 2 hour drive, to a five mile hiking trail the trail is real easy to follow and very photogenic.

Michelle said...

Enjoy your break love! I really relate to the "highly introspective extrovert" bit. It's hard!

Good for you for taking the time to figure these things out about yourself and take some time off.

PS I really love that first photo - I've seen it before and I love that tattoo so much. said...

@mary - aw thank you. <3 i wish everyone would do this for a weekend and then post their experience with me next week!


@novelista - thanks, love. :)

@david - i will certainly look that up. that sounds awesome.

@michelle - it's hard, isn't it? and by the way. your art journal is absolutely incredible.

Davis said...

Who's the girl with the world tattoo... It's interesting. I've never seen a map with North America in the east.

Anyway, I hope this weekend is a great one for you. I'll be watching football!!! LOL

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