Tuesday, January 5, 2010

+ pretty. +


got happy pills today to try to combat this awful weather and the hormones that god so graciously blessed me with.

trying to keep track of all the life lessons i'm learning.

woke up at 5am and needed coffee all day; didn't get it til 10pm. timing fail.

got two little baby fishies, sabo & gordon. they are oh so cute.

and, have a nice little photograph of two bracelets i made. yay.

how's everyone's new year going so far?


Lisa said...

beautiful photo! is it yours? it's so lovely.

Elle said...

love those bracelets! so feminine :)

laurennicolelove.com said...

@lisa yes it is. thank you! :)

@elle thanks, doll. xo

Lauren said...

that photo is gorgeous!
coffee at 10? you are a trooper for waiting so long.

the new year is going, and hoping january gets just a little better...

love, from another lauren x

Lauren Nicole said...

the bracelets look like something straight out of the anthro catalog. <3 <3 etsy list them soon! :]
- L

kelly said...

sooooooooooo PRETTY
you're phenomenal

barb:) said...

you have talent girlllll.

want to make me one?

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