Tuesday, October 5, 2010

+ make the heart swell +

Sometimes I think I need someone in my life to take photos of me so that I can remind myself I know how to dress. I am horrible at seeing myself objectively. Hah.

I have a binge-relationship with Tumblr. I've abandoned it lately, and today I remedied that. Over-remedied.

Sometimes I feel like this blog is my mind and my Tumblr is my heart. Or perhaps this blog is my left brain and my Tumblr is my right.

Anyway. Things I love today.


Paige Baker said...

I LOVED this post. So simple and beautiful.
Dang it, I love you so much.

Karencilla said...

i love your blog!

Lauren Nicole said...

all of your posts are always so inspiring. these images are beyond lovely. as are you. i love you TONS.

- L

Sherrie Cola said...

Loving some of these pictures.

Vee said...

i have the same relationship! :)

frankenstein said...

beautiful stuff baby doll

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