Sunday, August 15, 2010

+ photo of me +

One of my friends (I'm keeping him anonymous - hah) told me that the key to getting followers was to post pictures of myself. That's how he does it.

So, here I am today!

There's that. Now:

1) Do you think this is true?

2) Do you think I should?

3) I don't blog for the sake of followers, but I have love I want to share with as many people as possible, so is this a justified means of roping you all in? ;)

- - -

P.S. I have a new blog. I'd appreciate it if you share it with anyone who would be interested:


JaQuayy! said...

So, I don't know anything about bloggers/blogging community for a. But for b!) I'm doing a 365 project right now where I take a daily self portrait. I heard about a guy who did it on NPR and made a video and it was really fascinating to see his style slowly change over a year, you know? I say do it.

Anonymous said...

So I don't really think it matters as much as the content but I can see the point of view of the people wanting to see who they are reading. Not a neccessity though. However we do enjoy seeing you ; )

Paige Baker said...

Yeah, do it. Because you're HOT. Hahaha, but I don't think posting pictures of yourself is the key to followers quite so directly. People like pretty things and that's what their drawn to in a blog. So for pretty people like you--it is technically true. hahah

Paige Baker said...

PS-I bet it was Nate. That's all he ever posts. Like "Hey guys--just wanted to change the world one picture of my face at a time!" hahaha said...

HAHAHAHAHA it actually wasn't nate.

Nate St. Pierre said...

Sure wasn't me. I don't care if you post a picture a day or no pictures at all - I'm more of a content guy. Don't care so much for teh prettiez.

That being said, with who you are and the tone of your blog here, I think you'd be perfectly justified, and this this blog is well-suited to handle (yes, handle) pictures of you.

The End

(please join us next week for "Nate's Thoughts on Life", right here on Lauren's blog)

Paige Baker said...

Hahahaha, I just laughed do much at the last part of that comment. I agree with the rest though.

Karencilla said...

if i were as photogenic as you are i would post more pictures of myself.
Although, do it because you feel it, not exactly to get more followers. If the content is awesome they'll come along.


Chantelle said...

Unfortunately, our society is filled with people who are only visually stimulated. If you're not interested in gaining them as followers, then proceed as you like. BUT, if you want to share your message to a wider audience, photographs will give new viewers incentive to read on. I say continue photographing yourself, you're bloody GORGEOUS!

Lauren Nicole said...

yes. because one, in paige's words 'you're hot', haha, and you photograph so well. and two, photos are such a great thing, to capture time in. who knows, you could post a photo of yourself every week and look back after years have passed and said 'ohh, i remember that moment.' or 'so glad i took a picture then, because i remember _____ happening right afterwards.' etc. so, i think you should and that it would be a good thing. a lot of us don't have that great quality of being able to snap a photo of ourselves on a moments notice and look as wonderfully lovely and pretty as you, so take advantage of it! <3

<3 <3
- L

Kansas said...

I think it'd be much more effective if you just posted pictures of me, instead.

Paige Baker said...

I take back the award I gave Nate in my head for best comment on this post. It now belongs to Kansas

Nate St. Pierre said...

Boo. And may I also add . . . "hiss."

Kristin said...

I'm a sucker for photos. If you want to post pics of yourself, go for it! But do it because you want to!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

um, gorgeous.

Rachael Thomas said...

You are beautiful! I'm not sure if posting pictures of oneself is the key to followers.. but I'm sure it couldn't hurt! People like to see the face of the writer I guess.

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