Sunday, April 25, 2010

+ ice cream! +

It's about time I dedicate a post to Jeni's. Unfortunately, this little gourmet ice cream shop is only a couple blocks down from me, so I visit way too often. Today, I had to shoot around for a school photo assignment and decided to throw some up for you all to see!

I've been slowing down a lot lately, and trying to do more things that I genuinely love to do, and I'm already feeling much better. Hooray. :)

I feel strange posting about my life on here, because I don't really know who all is reading. Can everyone stop by via comment and introduce yourselves?



Nate St. Pierre said...

Hi, my name is Nate, and I'm talking to you right now.


Mark said...

Hi, I'm Mark and I got here via a tweet from Jeni's.

I'm in Urbana, Illinois but my daughter is in Columbus and I adore Jeni's at North Market. Or by mail. :D

lauren lanza osias said...

these photos are ah-mazing. ohmylordy, just beautiful. i don't eat dairy, but i would!!! your blog is simply beautiful.

i'm also lauren and i came to find your site through a dear friend, who thought i would love it. and i do.

Jessica T. said...

Hi, I'm Jess. Former TeenPacter, friend of Craig's, occasionally talk to you, hear all about you from him. He thinks you're awesome, and that's a good enough reason for me to stalk you. And he's right (duh), you're awesome.

Lauren Nicole said...

hi i'm lauren and think you're amazing. and the most inspiring person in my life. you blog is awesome, as it's always been and i've been following since...yeah, the beginning. <3

the photos of jeni's are soooo pretty. much better than my attempts at shooting an ice cream place. (film camera = fail.) annnnd, yep, this post is so lovely and wonderful, as usual. :]

- L

Paige Baker said...

Introduced:) love.

Jen said...

Hi, I'm Jen and I found you on tumblr and then realized I liked looking at this blog, too!

Anonymous said...

My name is Lauren, as well - I don't remember how I found your blog, but I greatly enjoy it!

wallflower said...

Hi! Dori here! I live in India! But not really, my city is just full of Indians so you could mistaken it for India. ;) I really live in Canada.

I'm actually a new reader too, and I'm following a billion blogs right now so I never have time to catch up on any of them, ugh.

I was wondering, though, what kind of lens you use to take those photos? I'm liking it, you're good.


Emily Makar said...

me! :)

Lindsay said...

Oh god, my craving for ice cream just went through the roof. Gorgeous pictures.

Oh, hi. I'm Lindsay.

Lauren said...

I'm Lauren too. And even more ironic, my middle name's nicole too! I'm a friend of Paige and she recomended your blog. I'm glad she did because I absolutly love your blog!

leeselooks said...


hi beauty. AH. we are twins.
the simple things = life.

thanks for the message- love your blog. passing it on to my bestie who will love it - you have to check hers out too -

where do you live?!

hope you're having a gorgeous weekend


Annie said...

these are beautiful! love the coloring

lauren lanza osias said...

they have dairy free ice cream, oh holy yay! my good friend was abigail reighard. she knew i would love your blog and she was right!

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