Friday, March 25, 2011

Life Update!



1. This is what Columbus has felt like lately.

2. Starting April 1st, I will be offering blog design services, on both Blogger & Wordpress platforms. Shoot me an email (laurennicolelove[at] if you're interested!

3. I just re-designed my blog a bit & did some serious spring cleaning. If you're reading this in Reader or your feeds, come poke around. :)

4. I will be taking a 7 day vacation from life starting today, so I'll see you all in April!

5. Want reading material in the meantime? Read my post for Deeper Story, "Love Was The Plan", the Good Woman's Guide to the 21st Century, or the lessons I learned from last time I took a sabbatical. And follow me on Twitter. ♥


Anonymous said...

Love your positive energy. Thank you. Enjoy your break!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your break, m'dear! Love the photos, by the way. So pretty. =)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I might be hitting you up for a blog makeover! :)

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