Monday, August 2, 2010

+ be part of an international heist with me! +

So, the Internet is being true to itself this week. It's full of the latest and greatest stuff, but there's way too much of it to look at, and not enough that requires you to DO. So if you're reading this, there's something I want you do Do. AND IT'S REALLY AWESOME.

This is big, and I'm going to "simplicate" (my new word) this for you:

FastCompany is a well-known company that basically keeps all of us peons up to speed on what the most innovative & creative people on the planet are doing in the fields of social networking/influence, science, technology, non-profits, design... all of it.

Recently, they decided to start a huge project called InfluenceProject. It's a kickass, creative way for FastCompany to find out who the most influential person on the Internet is right now. Yeah. Damn.

The problem with the project is that it's joined the ranks of Internet Competition (the prize being front page on FastCompany's magazine). And Nate, from ItStartsWith.Us got really sick of competitions. If you float around the web all day every day like we do, competitions get really old, really fast.

(ItStartsWith.Us is the parent of the Love Bomb child that I run, where once a week we bomb a blogger who desperately needs encouragement with loving & encouraging comments)

So, Nate has decided that we are going to partake in a massive, MASSIVE heist. We are going to mob the InfluenceProject in true ItStartsWith.Us style: each one of us taking our 15 minutes to collectively do something worthwhile as an international online community to ACTUALLY change the world, instead of compete for our own 15 minutes of quickly-disappearing fame.

We, collectively, are going to win the InfluenceProject. To show the world that we as a community are the influence, and that we can use it for a purpose other than "awareness," followers, and to be "the most popular person on the Internet."

WHO WANTS TO WIN? Put your name and email address here to become part of The Heist:

The email list will be deleted once The Heist is completed, and that will be that.

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