Tuesday, May 4, 2010

+ growing up, part 428 +

As frequently as I forget that we change as we grow, I am reminded. A while ago, I began noticing there were more than a few things I didn't like, simply because I'd never liked them as a child. I began experimenting with flipping the switch in my brain that was marked "I don't like this," and tried to honestly reappraise my likes and dislikes. A good number of these things, I love now. So, I have a rough rule for myself: if you haven't tried it in the last year, you don't know if you like it or not. Or, do you love it this year, yet??

Guess who loves asparagus now? And heels? Goat cheese ice cream, the color pink, chocolate milkshakes, dresses, sushi, tumblr, and forever on.

I had a shocking new love that was realized over the weekend. Rain.

I've always been a strict direct-sunlight-in-extreme-heat person, and despised everything from a slight chill to the heart of winter. Clouds, rain, snow, hail, wind, low temperatures...not for me. Sunshine and heat? Instantly happy. But something happened on Saturday morning, and the pitterpatter of the rain hitting the rooftops woven perfectly in with the splashing of tires racing on the wet pavement sounded like starting over. New and fresh, but somehow settling and comforting. It took me 22 years to get here, and I now love rain.

Forgive me for the awkward mashup of images. These are all the things I love today.

it is in our fantasies that we see our realities in all their truth.


Lauren Nicole said...

it really is true that as you get older your likes and dislikes change. and sometimes quite rapidly. you just sort of learn to let go and just try things without hesitation. i don't even know why or how, but it's just sort of a part of getting older i guess. also, as a child, at least for me, you're kind of told by society to not like things. such as green veggies and ew, raw fish? but about four months ago i became a big fan of broccoli and yes, asparagus. and sushi is a nonstop addiction; there's no way of me becoming tired of it. part of the reason i don't like going in the ocean is of a childhood fear of stingrays; no matter how far out in the water you tell me they are. i'm still trying to change it, to be able to go in the ocean by myself, but i'm not sure when that fear will go away. oh my goodness, romantic comedies also! i used to DESPISE them and would never go to see one in the theater. now i find myself more fearless in what i choose to see when it comes to 'you had me at hello' cliche's and whatnot.

anyway, you know that i love rain and that i always thought you were crazy for loving the sun so much ('i like to be sunburned, you're warm all the time!' whaaaat??) and it's really lovely to know you now have a love affair with rain too. it really is.

<3 <3
- L

LADY LEE said...

That dog is so stinkin cute.

frankenstein said...

this brought tears to my eyes. i'm glad that you're this kind of person, im glad that you're finding so much peace, and im glad that we have a lifetime of discovering new loves ahead of us.

Ms Unreliable said...

Good heavens that little dog is ADORABLE! And I love everything about this post because I did the very same thing for so long. If I didn't like something as a child (food especially) I just assumed that I wouldn't like it now. Since the realisation that this is no longer the case, there's a world of discovery waiting for me - rain, hail or shine :)

xx Kit

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